RIB Sightseeing in the archipelago


RIB Sightseeing in the archipelago

Boating will always be childish fun. It is almost impossible to avoid the adventurous, slightly tingling feeling you get when you slowly leave the quay.

This tour starts in central Stockholm. The RIB boat takes you out into the archipelago at dizzying speeds of up to 60 knots!
This RIB tour offers beautiful urban environments and scenic archipelago areas.

Each RIB takes up to 12 passengers.


At Öppet Hav can take you out on seal safari throughout the year with our RIB boats. We head out to the outer archipelago, where nature is barren and there is a feeling of untouched wilderness. In the distance nothing can be seen. Only a large sea that seems to continue indefinitely.

But then suddenly a cut appears in the middle of nowhere and on top of it lies the seals and lapar sun. Gray seal is the seal we have in the Stockholm archipelago. Now it is bursting with life on copper and inserts. They can be up to 2.5 meters long and weigh over 300 kg. This seal can be about 40 years old and lives on cod, herring, salmon and flat cut. The chances to see the seals is great.

This tour can be combined with lunch or dinner. Each boat can accommodate 12 passengers.


Huvudskär is an island group consisting of 200 islands and is the last outpost to the sea.

The island consists almost entirely of cliffs and with its calm blue lagoon it is dreamlike beautiful. At Huvudskär, a lighthouse has been around since the 1880s, a lighthouse was then on top of the four-guard house’s roof. In 1931, a new lighthouse was built in concrete that was acetylene gas-driven.
This still remains but is solar-powered since the 1990s. This activity starts in Stockholm Harbor, the RIB boat then steers into the archipelago to finally add to the bridge at the far end of the sea band.

Choose between a cup of coffee or an archipelago. Drinks are not included in the price.

All passengers are equipped with surface overalls, surface vest, wind glasses and cap.

Each boat can accommodate 12 people.

Our tours start and end in Stockholm harbor unless otherwise agreed.