Good food at Villa Wermdö

villa wermdö

Good food at Villa Wermdö

How about a good food-weekend on Värmdö? On Villa Wermdö’s menu you will find both meats and fish which you can enjoy in the golf restaurant. A short distance away is Villa Soludden where you can relax in the unbeatable archipelago environment.

Only 25 minutes from Slussen, Villa Wermdö offers well-cooked food with its roots in French cuisine. Here you can come for a day trip by boat or car. The villa serves lunch and dinner 7 days a week. In addition, there is a banquet hall that can accommodate up to 150 guests and a mingle area for about 300 guests. This is a perfect place for corporate parties, weddings, mingles and smaller dinners. For more information visit

Villa Soluden’s 27 corners offer almost unlimited possibilities. The house was designed by Finnish architect Reijo Hillberg in 1990 and is characterized by the contrast between openness and closeness. Its materials, wood, soapstone and glass, give the building character but at the same time ensure that it blends gently into the magnificent archipelago environment.

To stay at Villa Soludden is to be one with nature. Wake up to birdwatchers and the sun reflected in the shiny water. Here you sleep well in fresh rooms with magnificent views just outside the window. Bookings at