Good to Know

There are a few things that are good to know before you step out into the Archipelago.


Semafor på Värmdö

On every jetty there is a Semaphore signal that you must drag down in order to show your passenger boat that you are there and want the boat to come in to land. You use the signal by pulling the rope down and locking into position and make sure that the white panel is pointing out to sea towards the direction of sea traffic. If it is dark then you need to use a torch to illuminate the semaphore so that the boat will see that you are there. Set the semaphore before your boat is due to arrive and then take away the signal as the boat is arriving at the jetty. If the boat does miss you then ring for help. It is advisable that you should get to the jetty 5-10 minutes before the boat is due to arrive.

Mobile Semaphore

Mobiltelefon med appar – Waholmsbolaget

If you are late to the jetty you can signal to the boat that it should come into land at the jetty through the digital semaphore available on the Waxholmsbolagets app. It is always a good idea to signal using the physical semaphore when you are at the jetty.


Appar – Ficklampa

It is a good idea to take a torch with you as it can be really dark during autumn and winter and there is often no lighting to help you get to where you want to be. You need one to illuminate the semaphore so that the boat sees you when you are at the jetty when it is dark. A mobile phone torch is often enough but you may want ta stronger one.

Mosquito and tick prevention

Sometimes there are both mosquito’s and ticks out in the archipelago. Tick and mosquito creams and sprays are advised to prevent them. Ticks can spread TBE, a virus that can cause inflammation of the brain.  Most people who get TBE only get fever and headache and are fine after a few days. For the best protection it is best to get vaccinated. This can be done at the DR’s or at one of the tick busses that travel around during summer. Children can be vaccinated from 1 year old.

Toilet paper and wet wipes

On some islands out in the archipelago there is only a dry toilet and during some seasons they run out of toilet paper so it is a god idea to bring it with you. Running water is available at a few of these areas but it is best to take wet wipes with you. 


Tält på Grinda tältplats

You are welcome to pitch your tent even on private land for 2 nights but if you want to stay longer then you will need permission from the landowner. Be careful not to damage the land.

Right of Public Access

In Sweden we have the fantastic “Allemansrätten” right of public access that makes nature accessible to all. You can go almost anywhere but there are a few things to think about including limits on pets, what you can do in nature and respect for private property limits close to private houses.Here you can read more about “Allemansrätten”.

Making Fires

Eldplats vid vatten

In our national parks and nature reserves you r rights to make fires are sometimes extended and sometimes limited depending on the time of year and where you are. Check the notice boards close to where you get on and off boats.