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ingarö church
Ingarö kyrka, Ingarö, Sweden

Ingarö church is a very fine little church that used to be called Pilhamns chapel built in 1792. Friherre Anders Cederström built the 'prayer house' for...

fredriksborg fort
Fredriksborg Hotell & Restaurang, Fredriksborgsvägen, Värmdö, Sweden

Fredriksborg Fortress is a fortification complex on Värmdö at Oxdjupet strategically placed at the entrance to Stockholm. The fortress and surrounding buildings were a crucial...

fin medeltida stenkyrka värmdö kyrka
Värmdö Kyrka, Värmdövägen, Värmdö, Sverige

Värmdö church is Stockholm's archipelago's oldest and only medieval church. For an ancient medieval church, it is unusually large, showing that it was built to...

gustavsberg church
Gustavsberg, Sweden

The roof tiles along with the grey tiles, were also made at the porcelain factory. The green glass fragments found in some places in the...

djurö church
Djurö Kyrka, Djurö kyrkväg, Djurhamn, Sweden

In the first half of the 17th century there were two cemeteries attached to the church, one in the present location and the other further...

möja church 2
Möja Kyrka, MÖJA BERGS BY, Möja, Sweden

The church got its present appearance during a restoration that began in 1924 updating the interior and giving the church a very welcoming and pleasant...

nämdö church
Nämdö, Sweden

Until 2013, Nämdö Church had a simple harmonium. Through a locally funded campaign and many local work efforts, a used organ from the company Åkerman...

sandhamn chapel
Sandhamn, Sweden

The current bell tower was built by Peter and Stig Carlsson in 1936. The bell was made by Bergholtz bell casters and was donated by...