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Fredriksborg Hotell & Restaurang, Fredriksborgsvägen 17, Värmdö, Sweden

Fredriksborg Fortress at Ox Depth was the strongest fortification of its time. From 1735 it protected Stockholm for over 100 years. If you eat or...

fredriksborg fort
Fredriksborg Hotell & Restaurang, Fredriksborgsvägen, Värmdö, Sweden

Fredriksborg Fortress is a fortification complex on Värmdö at Oxdjupet strategically placed at the entrance to Stockholm. The fortress and surrounding buildings were a crucial...

möja hembygdmuseum
Möja, Sverige

Möja hembygdsmuseum consists of three houses, two of which were built in the 1700's and the other was built at a later date and is...

sandhamn museum
Sandhamn, Sweden

Sandhamns Museum Sandhamn's own small archipelago museum, known as Australia, is located next to the Customs House, which is marked as a culturally significant building. A...

Gustavsbergs Konsthall
Gustavsbergs Konsthall, Odelbergs väg, Gustavsberg, Sverige

Gustavsbergs Konsthall  The Hall of Arts in Gustavsberg is one of Europe's leading scenes for contemporary art crafts, and Sweden's only art gallery that works exclusively...

nämndö skärgård överblick träd och hav
Nämdö, Sverige

The Archipelago Museum's base on Nämdö in Sand Housed in the old school in Sand at Nämdö, the Archipelago Museum is open daily from the first...

gustavsbergs porslinsfabrik
Gustavsbergs Porslinsfabrik, Chamottevägen, Gustavsberg, Sverige

Sweden's only porcelain factory Gustavberg Porslinsfabrik is located in Gustavsbergs Harbour and has been in continuous operation since 1825. Gustavberg's Porslinsfabrik manufactures all its porcelain...

fin medeltida stenkyrka värmdö kyrka
Värmdö Kyrka, Värmdövägen, Värmdö, Sverige

Värmdö church is Stockholm's archipelago's oldest and only medieval church. For an ancient medieval church, it is unusually large, showing that it was built to...

bullerö gästhem
Bullerö naturreservat, NÄMDÖ BULLERÖN, Nämdö, Sverige

Bullerö nature reserve includes 900 islands, islets and the fjords between them. All together the nature reserve occupies around 450 hectares of land and 4000...