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Gustavsbergs Konsthall
Gustavsbergs Konsthall, Odelbergs väg, Gustavsberg, Sverige

Gustavsbergs Konsthall  The Hall of Arts in Gustavsberg is one of Europe's leading scenes for contemporary art crafts, and Sweden's only art gallery that works exclusively...

svävare och mycket is
Vånö, Stockholm, Sweden

Vånö Skärgårdsliv Enjoy the archipelago even when there is snow and ice with Våno Skärgårdsliv. If you love Stockholm’s Archipelago during the summer you will be amazed...

nämndö skärgård överblick träd och hav
Nämdö, Sverige

The Archipelago Museum's base on Nämdö in Sand Housed in the old school in Sand at Nämdö, the Archipelago Museum is open daily from the first...

gustavsbergs porslinsfabrik
Gustavsbergs Porslinsfabrik, Chamottevägen, Gustavsberg, Sverige

Sweden's only porcelain factory Gustavberg Porslinsfabrik is located in Gustavsbergs Harbour and has been in continuous operation since 1825. Gustavberg's Porslinsfabrik manufactures all its porcelain...

bullerö gästhem
Bullerö naturreservat, NÄMDÖ BULLERÖN, Nämdö, Sverige

Bullerö nature reserve includes 900 islands, islets and the fjords between them. All together the nature reserve occupies around 450 hectares of land and 4000...

gottholmarundan trail
Värmdö, Sweden

Character: Easily walked. Cross a culturally rich landscape with horses at pasture during the summer months. Not adapted for child prams. Starting point: Farsta Slottsvik (Gustavsberg). ...

kayak rental on runmarö
Runmarö, Sweden

The museum housed in the old school in Uppeby on Runmarö island is a branch of the archipelago museum "Skärgårdsmuseet" which is being developed together...

diving in a submarine
Djurönäset, Djurhamn, Sweden

After the dive, we offer refreshments and issue a certificate to the submarine passengers on board. Since the submarine has a pressure chamber, the body is...

Sandhamn, Sverige

VÄLKOMMEN TILL SANDHAMNSGUIDERNA Vi ger er unika upplevelser i yttersta skärgården året runt. Att vistas i ytterskärgården, om så bara för ett par timmar, ger distans och...