The Church Building

Möja church was opened in 1768 and was built by the builder Carl Örn. The church consists of a rectangualr longhouse with a Vestry to the north, weapon house in the south and a tower on the east.  The church is painted light grey with brown details. The entrance to the tower has doors dating back to 1924. The tower was finished in 1885 and is a fine example a typical outer archipelago church design.



The church got its present appearance during a restoration that began in 1924 updating the interior and giving the church a very welcoming and pleasant feel.  The floor is made of wood and the choir is  a staircase higher than in the rest of the church. The middle of the east wall is richly designed to form a worthy background to the altar. Above the altar hangs a picture depicting Christ on the cross with a frame from the latter half of the 18th century. The altar table is made of wood and is wonderfully crafted. The pulpit is located on the north wall between the choir and the long hall and is a reproduction of the 17th century original which now sits up the stairs in the tower.

Votive Ship

In the church hangs is a stately votive ship. It is a copy of the ship that Wilhelm Andersson, Lökaö, made. The original is displayed in the Historical Museum.

Oil Paintings

Of the twelve oil paintings hung in the church in 1829, eight are still here. On the north wall hangs a painting depicting the holy Catherine commitment to Jesus. Catherine was a beautiful and learned princess in Alexandria. Once converted to Christianity, she testified the power of her faith with such force to the Roman Emperor Maxentius that several people in the vicinity were converted. The Emperor was so upset that he ordered her body be destroyed by iron-filled wheels. Before that could do the harm an angel descended and broke the wheels that would have killed her. Therefore,  Holy Catherine of Alexandria, as she is called, has a broken wheel as her symbol.

The church organ

The older organ, built by A P Halld’n in 1855, was replaced in 1947 by one organ, installed by Bo Wedrup. The present organ was built in 1982 by organist Walter Thür. It is comprised of ten parts, divided into two manuals and pedals with mechanical tractor.


The cemetery was built around 1755 and is surrounded by layered grey stone walls.

Several cemetery extensions have been made since then. The last one was made in 1950 to the north, when the present back cemetery was added. The southwest corner of the cemetery was created and opened in 1987 with a memorial adorned by a single anchor.

Welcome to Möja Church!

Möja Church

Möja Kyrka, MÖJA BERGS BY, Möja, Sweden

Möja Kyrka, MÖJA BERGS BY, Möja, Sweden

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