The Chapel was opened in 1935 by Archbishop Erling Eidem and was built under the management of Building Master Petrus Carlsson.

Chapel and Chapel and fixtures

The chapel is built of wood that has been painted white and consists of a long house with a gun house in the west and vestry to the north. The roof is covered with slate. The altar was donated in 1939 by art dealer N. Rapp in Stockholm. It is a copy of Raphael’s well-known painting of Christ’s deposition. The same donor has also provided the chapel with an oil painting that depicts the death of St. Joseph, painted around 1800 by an unknown artist. This fantastic painting is hung to the left of the altar.

Votivskeppen (the Votivs ship) was both donated by I. T. Phil and the Consul General and his Mrs W. Wallin. Pihl’s ship, which hangs over the baptismal font, was manufactured by the donor. The second votive ship was donated in 1941. It is a copy of an 18th century ship in Singö church. The baptismal font is made of green-patched bronze. The font along with a beautiful silver barge, is a gift from the Friends of Sandhamn. The font was sculpted by Alice Nordin.

The pulpit has a representation of belief , hope and love one one of its panels and in the second panel a painting of the 10 commandments. The organ located on the stands has five ranks. It was built in 1951 by music director Gustaf Kruse and Gunnar Guhrén. The fifth rank was added in the early 1980s.

The bell tower and the cemetery

The current bell tower was built by Peter and Stig Carlsson in 1936. The bell was made by Bergholtz bell casters and was donated by A. Sundén-Cullberg. The electrical ringing system was installed in 1975. The cemetery started to be used in 1834 and is located approximately 500 meters west of the chapel.

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