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Ingarö, Sverige

Ingarö is an island in Värmdö Municipality in Uppland province in Stockholm County. The island is the main part of the Ingarö parish. The island...

värmdö brewery
Ingarö, Sweden

We brew and pour everything from light beer to sour lingon beer. We brew a traditional series of different strengths with varieties like IPA, Golden...

bistro björkvik
Björkviksvägen 24, Ingarö, Sweden

Big parties or small intimate dinners, anything is possible. Bistro Björkvik is a gem by the sea with wonderful views, friendly staff and good food....

ingarö church
Ingarö kyrka, Ingarö, Sweden

Ingarö church is a very fine little church that used to be called Pilhamns chapel built in 1792. Friherre Anders Cederström built the 'prayer house' for...

villa soludden
Villa Soludden Konferens, Event & Bröllop, Ekviks Gårds väg, Värmdö, Sverige

To stay at Villa Soludden is to be at one with nature. Wake up go the sound of birds singing and sun reflecting on the...

villa soludden meetings
Villa Soludden Conference, Event & Wedding, Ekviks Gårds väg, Värmdö, Sweden

When the workday is over, we can organize activities such as a tour of the archipelago in a rib boat, sailing our yacht, jet skiing,...

library in ingarö
Ingarö, Sweden

Ingarö Library is a branch of Gustavsberg Library and is located in the school “Brunns skola”. Everyone is welcome to the library that functions as...

nora farm
Nora gård, Noravägen, Värmdö, Sweden

At Nora Gård you can find fantastic range of items such as porcelain, glass and chic country style furniture. We even have a fruit press...

värmdö ciders
Ingarö, Sweden

Alongside our range of ciders we make Jam, juice and jellies from the finest Swedish berries. These products only contain berries and sugar. We do...

beatelund farm
Ingarö, Sverige

At Stall Beatelund, Jessica  "Jexie" Eriksson is the boss with her dog is called Vargen. Viveca Håkansson will be your coach. The stable can accommodate...