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Möja, Sverige
The vast majority of the extensive archipelago is part of Storö-Bockö-Lökön's almost two thousand hectares of nature reserve, or the Möjareservat, as it is also called. With its winding canals, narrow healthy and exciting little islands that are close to each other, the area is appreciated and widely used by boat-borne visitors. In many places between Möja-Södermöja in the west and the open-air Björkskärsfjärden in the east, there is an exhibition of idyllic medieval archipelago with old bush beds and a rich herb flora, like a thick and windy outer archipelago. Everywhere on the islands you can find traces of human activity. Grazing animals are also held today at Lökaön. From the last turn of the century and into the 60's there were large strawberry cultivations that dominated. But there are also vast areas with mountainous pine forests and mysterious


Nämdö, Sverige
Nämdö is one of Stockholm's archipelago's larger islands. Here you can travel by regular boat to several docks, all year round. Nice gravel roads, suitable for walks and bike rides, tie together villages and docks on the island. After several years of decay, Östanviks farm in 1976 received new landlords and has since been a modern archipelago farm focused on organic production. The soil is used for fodder plants and potatoes. In a large barn there are sheep, lamb, cows, calves and hens. Betesdrift keeps the landscape open and alive. Interested visitors are guided and learn more about the archipelago's conditions. From the farm of Östanvik there are also natural and cultural trails. There is also a farm shop, tourist information, guest harbor, sopmaja, tent sites and fresh water. Nämdö Böte, with a lookout tower and a wide view, is a popular tourist destination, as is the ruin of the archipelago's most original church, a octagonal round church from 1798. In

Gällnö Café and General Store

Gällnö, Sverige
Gällnö Café and General Store Our hope is that you can come to Gällnö without having to bring any food with you from the mainland. We have a basic range of all possible groceries, dairy products, frozen foods, fresh fruit, meat, fresh fish, confectioneries, soda and daily newspapers. Fresh bread is delivered Monday to Saturday from the Vivels bakery in Stockholm. If you are lucky and come during the asparagus season, then we can offer freshly harvested Gällnö asparagus from Skärgårdssparris. On Tuesdays at the latest we take orders for seafood and take delivery on the Friday.

Södra Stavsudda och Nedergården

Södra Stavsudda, Sweden
Smått och Gott Food, dairy products, pastry goods, freezer, beer, soda, milk, bread, ice cream, candy and everything else you can not be without! Eggs from free-range hens and, as a matter of access, fresh and smoked fish. Open weekdays 09.00-18.00 and weekends 09.00-16.00 from the first June to the end of August. Open all weekends in September. Nedergården Crafts, home furnishings, garden furniture, etc. Here you can find vineyards, key cabinets, snapholes, rescue shelves, bird cages, charts, and much more ... Swamp bowls and mugs from Gustavsberg, chairs, hangers etc. from Fafner. Beautiful textiles, tablecloths, towels and sheets. Lots of fun little gadgets, presents and a really big corner with

Idöborg Meetings

Idoborg, Nämdö, Stockholm, Sverige
In "Villa Solnedgången" (sunset villa) you find a light and well-equipped meeting room with view to the north over the oak trees and oceans. On the furnished terrass that can be used as a meeting room when beautiful weather, you can take a well earned break and enjoy the surrounding nature. By the sea shore on the eastern side of the island you find our largest venue "Dojon", built from wood with a glass wall and a spectacular view over the sea. The wood burning fireplace and the untreated wooden walls creates a calm

Idöborg Cabin Rental

Idoborg, Nämdö, Sweden
Welcome to Idöborgs Cabin Rental! Idöborg is an island 1.5 hours from Stockholm. We are open for conferences and courses from April - November and have cabins for rent all year round. All of our cabins are equipped with their own kitchen and bathroom, wood-burning stove and outside area. Perfect for those that want to write, meditate or just get away from the big city. On the island you can bath, sauna and kayak. You can get here easily via Waxholmbolagets ferries that come past the island everyday or take your own boat. Welcome!

Möja hembygdsmuseum

Möja, Sverige
Möja hembygdsmuseum consists of three houses, two of which were built in the 1700's and the other was built at a later date and is situated on Bergs gihest point with a fantastic view over Möja's southern fjord. Welcome


Djurö, Sverige
Djurö center consists of an F9 school, sports hall, library, pastry shop, color trade, fashion and interior shop, flower shop, pet store, a grocery store (ICA), Restaurang Björkås, Motorverkstan and in the summer also the Sjöboden restaurant and the white gates In the area there is also Djurönäset's restaurant and Vindö hook. On the south of Djurö there is the Djurönäset conference hotel.


Vindö, Sverige
On the northern Vindö is the lake Vämlingen that connects with the Baltic Sea through the Oscar Canal, named after King Oskar II. The king liked to fish perch in the lake at that time. The Royal Swedish Segment Society (KSSS) had its activities in the Sollenkrok River (before moving to Sandhamn). Carl Anton has besieged the island in his show Överbyvals, where the beauty of the island is praised in the summertime.


Stavsnäs, Sverige
Stavsnäs city has long been regarded as a sheltered archipelago environment, and a landscape plan provides a far-reaching regulation of existing buildings and that the village is largely regarded as being completed. Even for the area around the winter harbor, a detailed planning plan is being prepared, this in order to allow for expansion with guest harbor etc. In Värmdö municipality's long-term planning, Stavsnäs is named as one of the municipality's future urban centers.