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Bullandö Krog Restaurant

Bullandö Krog, Bullandövägen, Värmdö, Sverige
Bullandö Krog Owned and run by Julle Ljunggren and Magnus Johansson for the past 16 years. Bullandö Krog offers a fantastic experience for all in the heart of Stockholm’s stunning archipelago. Our philosophy -Always offer a variety of delicious, well prepared, and reasonably priced food, served by our team of happy and knowledgeable staff. -Allow the season to decide what’s on our menu, so that we only ever use the best and freshest ingredients to carefully prepare every dish in order to deliver an authentic taste of the season. -Offer one of the archipelago’s most comprehensive drinks list


Värmdölandet, Sverige
Värmdö or Värmdön is an island located in Stockholm's inner archipelago in the Uppland countryside. Värmdö is Sweden's sixth largest island. Most of the island, and all smaller islands east of it, lies within Värmdö municipality. The westernmost part of Värmdön is located in the municipality of Nacka. The island consists of three areas separated by narrow nose. Värmdölandet is the easternmost and the largest part of the area. Värmdölandet is connected with Fars


Fågelbrolandet, Sverige
Fågelbrolandet is an island belonging to Värmdö municipality. It is located directly south of Värmdölandet and east of Ingarö. The island is heavily fragmented by coves and lakes, such as Våmfjäder and Storsjön. It consists of several former islands with their own names, eg. Malmaön, which only in recent centuries has grown together through land raising. The island has been named after Herrgård Fågelbro. The largest resort on Fågelbrolandet is Stavsnäs. Värmdöleden passes across the island and connects with Värmdölandet via Strømabron.


Stavsnäs, Sverige
Stavsnäs city has long been regarded as a sheltered archipelago environment, and a landscape plan provides a far-reaching regulation of existing buildings and that the village is largely regarded as being completed. Even for the area around the winter harbor, a detailed planning plan is being prepared, this in order to allow for expansion with guest harbor etc. In Värmdö municipality's long-term planning, Stavsnäs is named as one of the municipality's future urban centers.


Vindö, Sverige
On the northern Vindö is the lake Vämlingen that connects with the Baltic Sea through the Oscar Canal, named after King Oskar II. The king liked to fish perch in the lake at that time. The Royal Swedish Segment Society (KSSS) had its activities in the Sollenkrok River (before moving to Sandhamn). Carl Anton has besieged the island in his show Överbyvals, where the beauty of the island is praised in the summertime.


Djurö, Sverige
Djurö center consists of an F9 school, sports hall, library, pastry shop, color trade, fashion and interior shop, flower shop, pet store, a grocery store (ICA), Restaurang Björkås, Motorverkstan and in the summer also the Sjöboden restaurant and the white gates In the area there is also Djurönäset's restaurant and Vindö hook. On the south of Djurö there is the Djurönäset conference hotel.


Ingarö, Sverige
Ingarö is an island in Värmdö Municipality in Uppland province in Stockholm County. The island is the main part of the Ingarö parish. The island is just over 63 km², making it the largest island in Sweden. Ingarö has lived in population since the Bronze Age; on the island there are rock carvings. Over the last 100 years, the number of recreational homes has increased while living for a period decreased in number. However, there has been a trend break as more and more vacation homes have been converted to villas and more permanent housing has been built.


Gustavsberg, Sverige
Gustavsberg, formerly spelled Gustafsberg, is a town center and central location in Värmdö municipality, 22 kilometers east of central Stockholm. Of Värmdö municipality's approximately 40,000 inhabitants (2013), more than 11,000 inhabit Gustavsberg. Gustavsberg lies furthest into Farstaviken, on the eastern part of Värmdön, adjacent to the west towards Ormingland. In connection with the larger expansion of Gustavsberg in the 1960s, Gustavsberg's water tower was built in 1963-1964. The round house was built in the 1950s as a municipal house and now houses the municipal library. As the name suggests, it's all around and has an appearance resembling a lemon press. In Gustavsberg's center is the municipal bathhouse Gustavsbergsbadet. In Gustavsberg more than 100 years ago, a unique art history and porcelain production began. A large part of the culture is still there, and the wings of history are reminiscent of both here and there. There are tourists from all corners of the globe to get a glimpse of the environment that Stig Lindberg,

Bullerö nature reserve

Bullerö naturreservat, NÄMDÖ BULLERÖN, Nämdö, Sverige
The island is a nature reserve and bird sanctuary with many nice coves and rocks for swimming. The island belonged for many years to the Swedish artist Bruno Liljefors and his old guesthouse and studio is preserved. Even many other artists such as Anders Zorn and Albert Engström have often stayed at Bullerö. Water hostel and sauna are on the island, but either a restaurant or a grocery store. Birdlife in the area is very rich and in total there are opportunities to see more than one hundred different bird species. Here you will find black, thorn and hay singer. On Bullerö and Rå

Långviksskär nature reserve

Långviksskär, Sverige
Långviksskär's reputation is based on the artist and archipelago writer Axel Sjöberg, in addition to many talented boat builders. This spent a lot of time in the Stockholm archipelago and chose Långviksskär as the starting point for its artistry. He provided houses and studios on the island and depicted for nearly 40 years in text, painting and photography life on the island. When the Archipelago Foundation in 1983 bought the majority of Långviksskär and the approximately 300 islands in the surrounding archipelago, the idea of ​​establishing a scholarship with housing in Axel Sjöberg's residence was born. The scholarship includes travel to and from the island, five weeks' stay for each two artists as well as firewood to the stove and fuel to the outboard. For more than thirty years painters, photographers and writers have been captivated