Helicopter ride over Stockholm – Svartsö


Helicopter ride over Stockholm

Helicopter tours across Stockholm are an experience. A helicopter ride for the conference and meeting is an appreciated feature. Experience a helicopter ride with fantastic views as we ascend to the height and the breathtaking freedom when we land in the archipelago. An exciting experience that you will remember for long!


With our helicopter you can experience the archipelago from above. We make the transport an experience. It is with pleasure we take you with the helicopter to Sandhamn, Grinda or Svartsö.

In case of any events or in urgent situations, the helicopter is a safe choice.

The helicopter has room for up to 5 passengers.

The price is for a single trip starting from Bromma.


The archipelago lunch is closer than you think with our helicopter. After a magical archipelago tour, we land on Svartsö where a lovely archipelago lunch is produced. After lunch we fly back to Stockholm – You are back in Stockholm in 1.5 hours but of course you can choose to enjoy the archipelago a little longer. At Svartsö Krog they raise the finesse to simplicity and let it characterize everything from raw materials to service, the cooked food and what you drink. Three things are most important – the season, the best ingredients and the best producers. Svartsö Krog uses local products but also exotic raw materials. Drinks are not included in the price. svartsokrog.se

If you want to stay overnight, you can do so at Svartsö Skärgårdshotell svartsonorra.se