Travelling to and from Värmdö

Because Värmdö is made up of both islands and mainland, we can travel on foot, by car, bus, taxi, bike and boat. Here you can find the links you may need to plan your trip and how and where you are going during your stay in Värmdö.

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Värmdö Taxi

Boat taxi

Waxholmsbolaget passenger boat

Traffic and Roads

Trafik på Värmdö - Bilköer

Värmdö is a typical commuters area. This means that lots of residents in Värmdö travel to Stockohlm City on weekdays. On weekends this si reversed when many residents in Stockholm City travel out to Värmdö to visit their summer houses or just enjoy the archipelago.

Current traffic Disruptions

Read more about ongoing roadworks and other obstructions on the local governments website about traffic disruptions.


Buss 474 Hemmesta – Åk buss på Värmdö

Värmdö is a municipality in which busses connect you to both Stockholms underground train network and the archipelago’s harbours. We have a unique mixture of summer houses and permenant homes which means that our roads are used in special ways. From the high priority motorway to small private roads maintianed by residents. Most uniue is perhaps our boat traffic that allows you to get around on the water easily.

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Walk and Cycle

Barn som cyklar på Värmdö

Map of cycle lanes and trails

See a map of Värmdö’s existing cycle lanes and trails

Cycling guide to panoramic view areas

Tips on 6 panoramic view spots 5km around Gustavsberg with varied difficulty levels.

Cycling guide to viewing platforms – information and map (pdf)

Cycling Route, Farstalandet

There is a 16 km long trail for cycling around many of Gustavsberg ‘worth seeing’ areas. With only a short section on a main road by Lemshaga the rest of the trail passes through calm roads. Start from Gustavsberg Harbour. Pass by Södersveds bathing and Artipelag where you can find toilets and food service.

Cycling Route Farstalandet – infomation and map (pdf)

Cycling Tour

Gustavsbergs orientering club have created a cycling packet that includes a map and questionaire. The route goes from norra Lagnö and Aspvik to Beatlund and Södersved in the south.

Read more about the cycling tour

Regular Boat Traffic and Boat taxis

människor som går på båt på värmdö

Since Värmdö is a compilation of many archipelago islands, boat traffic is extensive on our waterways. From Sollenkroka, Stavsnäs Winter Harbor, Boda Brygga, Lillsved, Kalvsvik and Björkvik, you can continue on timetabled boats out to other islands, including Norra and Södra Stavsudda, Möja, Runmarö, Nämdö, Svartsö, Grinda, Harö and Sandhamn. Beyond our own harbours many regular boat trips depart from Stockholm’s inner city out to Värmdo.

Travel with Waxholmsbolaget

The Båtluffarleden is a collaboration between the archipelago municipalities and Waxholmsbolaget in which the municipalities support Waxholmsbolaget’s boats with smaller boat trips between certain islands to facilitate visitors to change the boat line. Värmdö municipality is responsible for the smaller boats between Gällnö and Karklö.

There are three different passenger boat lines that cover different areas of the archipelago: north, middle and south. For more information, see Waxholmsbolagets website.

Beisdes Waxholmsbolaget’s ticket office in Stavsnäs there is also an independent company Stavsnäs Båttaxi that offer passage to all of the archipelago at a time you decide, to contact them please phone 08-571 501 00 to charter a boat.

For more about traveling in the Stockholm Archipelago visit the Stockholm Archipelago website.

Private Boats

För på båt mot havets horisont på Värmdö

If you have your own boat, Värmdö offers a world of over 10,000 islands to visit.

In Sollenkroka there is a boat fueling station open throughout the summer with service shop, café and a free to use ramp for putting smaller boats in the water.

In Stavsnäs there is a marine fueling station open all year round. Stavsnäs Boat Club’s concrete boat ramp can be used for a small fee. The Key is available at Stavsnäsmacken.

Boat launches are also available at Bullandö Marina, where you can launch your boat for a fee.

Värmdö has many boat clubs, mooring associations and private boats. Below ‘Boats and boating life’ you will find a list of larger recreational harbors located in Värmdö that indicates the number of berths at each location. There is also a list of Värmdö’s guest anchorages, where you have access to fresh water throughout the summer. Värmdö council also operates a series of waste stations on both the mainland and the islands in the archipelago.

Three marine sewage stations are located throughout Värmdö, at Sandhamn, at Björnö and in Gustavsberg harbor.