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Svartsö, Sverige

In the middle of Stockholm's archipelago lies Svartsö, one of the larger islands in the area. It is about 1 mile long and 2.5 km...

Svartsö Logi – Tält och eldplats i natten
Svartsö Logi, SVARTSÖ ALSVIKS UDD, Skälvik, Sweden

Svartsö Logi offers small and private accommodation.  Here you can stay at one of our three large canvas tents located on the hillside just below...

svartsö seafront cabins
Svartsö, Sweden

To get to Svartsö you can take your own or a regular ferry boat. Both Waxholmsbolaget and Strömma Kanalbolaget visit Alsviks jetty with a Cinderella...

svartsö lanthandel shop
Svartsö, Sweden

In Svartsö shop you will find most things you need. Welcome into our little shop by Alsviks jetty on Svartsö. We hope to see you this...