Gottholmarundanoch Tjustviksrundan – trails

Gottholma rundan (trail) (see the document “Gula och röda spåret”)

Signed: Yellow.

Length: 2.4 km.

Character: Easily walked. Cross a culturally rich landscape with horses at pasture during the summer months.

Not adapted for child prams.

Starting point: Farsta Slottsvik (Gustavsberg).

Tjustviks runda – trail (see the document “Yellow and Red Track”)

signed: Red. posts with wooden signs.

Length: 5 km.

Character: Easily walked.

Two resting places at Baggensfjärden. Stroller friendly with the exception of stoney shores besides Baggensfjärden.

Starting point: Farsta Slottsvik (Gustavsberg).

To get here you can park at the Health Centre and go a little bit along the water, alternatively take the bus 425X, 428-430 or 467 and get off at the health centre.

For a guided tour, visit Visit Värmdö by emailing
Gottholmarundan och Tjustviksrundan – Trails

Värmdö, Sweden

Värmdö, Sweden

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