Gustavsbergs Church sits on a hill in the middle of the village beside the inner part of Farstaviken. The church was built between 1904 and 1906 and opened its doors during advent in 1907. Stockholm architect Gustav Ameén designed the church for the patron of the build Wilhelm Odelberg.

The church is partially walled by a grey-coloured chamotteegel, which is a brick-type that was manufactured from waste materials created during porcelain manufacture. The church building is in a Neo-gothic style and consists of a rectangular long house with a narrower straight-finished choir to the east.

The roof tiles along with the grey tiles, were also made at the porcelain factory. The green glass fragments found in some places in the wall are embedded pilsner bottle bottoms. The church hall is beautiful with a three-leaf crest that is dressed with brown-painted boards. The choir has a vaulted plastered cross ceiling.

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Gustavsbergs Church

Gustavsberg, Sweden

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