Sweden’s only porcelain factory, Gustavberg Porslinsfabrik, is located in Gustavsbergs Harbour and has been in continuous operation since 1825. Gustavberg’s Porslinsfabrik manufactures all its porcelain in the old premises in Gustavsberg where bone porcelain is the specialty. The only one of its kind in all of Scandinavia! Gustavsberg manufactures real dishes such as crockery and fine art in bone porcelain and stoneware. Ingegerd Råman, Signe Persson Melin, Stig Lindberg and Margareta Hennix are examples of artists behind our designs.

The household porcelain factory (HPF), which has been in continuous operation since 1825, was taken in a new direction in 1996 when some of the employees became owners. The factory, Sweden’s only porcelain factory, label its porcelain with the well-known anchor brand and manufacturing year and “Made in Gustavsberg Sweden”. The company is entirely privately owned and produces everything from pulp to finished product in the old factory premises in Gustavsberg, 20 km east of Stockholm.

Our specialty is bone porcelain is unique throughout the Nordic region, with traditions in the factory from the last decades of the 19th century. The factory manufactures for both professional kitchens and for private consumers. Monograms such as weapons, boats and company monograms are our specialty.

Welcome to Gustavsbergs Porcelain Factory Shop!

Gustavsbergs Porcelain Factory Shop

Gustavsbergs Porslinsfabrik, Chamottevägen, Gustavsberg, Sverige

Gustavsbergs Porslinsfabrik, Chamottevägen, Gustavsberg, Sverige

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