Nämdö church is built from wood in a clean and simple neo-Gothic style and was opened in the autumn of 1876. The design was created by the builder Gustaf Blomqvist and processed by architect John Smedberg. The present church has had three well-known predecessors, the oldest from around 1630. A tenacious tradition dates back to the 20th century, claiming that Nämdö has one of the oldest worship places in Sweden. There are those who believe that a chapel was built in 870 by Ansgar’s closest successor. Although this cannot be proved, it has not been disproved that there was already a chapel at Nämdö or Runmarö  during the Middle Ages.

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The church building

The exterior of the church with its periodic panel, with varying lying and standing boards, is now painted white with dark grey detailing. It is believed that it was formerly  light beige with details in a darker brown beige shade. originally the roof was shingled but  in 1912 the roof was clad with metal plate roof painted black. There are two functioning bells hanging in the bell tower. The Large bell was donated by Lorentz Billing in 1750. In 1952, a smaller bell was donated by the fisherman Frans Öhman.


The church hall is painted in white and grey whilst the altar wall is blue with gold stars. The pulpit  and bench decoration are contemporary with the church. A number of furnishings have been preserved for generations. For example, the altar cabinet that shows Christ as the painter’s man is dated from the end of the 1400s. Two side figures, probably angels catching Christ’s blood in a cup, and side doors are missing. It is thought that the altar cabinet was relocated to the first chapel from the East Haninge Church. A painting from around 1700, representing the crucifixion, is probably identical to the altar painting from the 1702 chapel. The baptismal font is made of white painted wood was made in 1958 by Bernhard Nilsson. Before it moved to Nämdö the baptismal font was located in Djurö church. The church owns a copy of Gustav II Adolf’s church bible from 1628 donated to the church in 1629. There is also Charles XII’s great church bible from 1702-1703, donated in 1714. The church has a beautiful votive ship that is a model of a roslags ship. The votiv ships was located at  the Maritime Museum that was set up in 1944.

The organ

Until 2013, Nämdö Church had a simple harmonium. Through a locally funded campaign and many local work efforts, a used organ from the company Åkerman & Lund was purchased from Mellösa parish. This was adapted and installed in the summer of 2013 by Hans-Petter Schröder from Åkerman & Lund on the stands of Nämdö church, with a very successful result. Nämdö church now has a very nice worship service and concert instrument. The organ is mechanical with twelve ballasts divided into two manuals and pedals. Originally, the organ is from 1972.


The main body of the cemetery is south of the church. On which the two older chapels once stood. The cemetery was extended to the south of 1962.

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