Rögrund, situated on the seaway between Dalarö and Stavsnäs, has an exciting story to tell. After being used as a pasture by farmers from the island of Nämdö, the island was bought in the early 1900’s by a tie manufacturer who then built a summerhouse in which the Stockholm’s high society enjoyed many happy years.

After periods of use as a holiday home and treatment home, Rögrund is now included in the Nämdö Nature Reserve and is owned by the Archipelago Foundation.

The former summer residence is now a fully equipped hostel with room named after the  lighthouses that can be seen from the island.  In Sjöstugan there is a well-stocked bar that serves fantastic food with a focus on KRAV-labeled and local produce.

There is also a lookout tower, guest harbor, camping site, obstacle course, boat and kayak rental as well as a toboggan run. We even have our very own crocodile made of concrete that faithfully watches over the sea, smooth cliffs and passing boats. Despite the lack of sandy beaches, the island is child-friendly. Around the island there are nice smooth cliffs where it is easy to get to the sea and swim around.


You can get to us thanks to the regular traffic with Waxholmsbolaget from Stavsnäs all year round. During the summer it is also possible to travel out from Saltsjöbaden. You can even take a boat taxi if you do not have your own boat with you.

for more information please visit:Waxholmsbolagets website

Boat taxis

Stavsnäs Boat Taxi, Tel: 08-571 501 00

Nämdö Boat Taxi, Tel: 08-571 580 14

Welcome to Rögrund Nature Reserve!

Rögrund Nature Reserve

Värmdö, Sweden

Värmdö, Sweden

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