We give you unique experiences in the outermost archipelago year round.

Staying in the outer archipelago, if only for a couple of hours, gives even the most stressful personality to distance and clarity. Complicated decisions are obviously simple. The Sandham Guides offer a unique experience in the archipelago during all seasons, for large and small groups and with all weather changes.

The sea, the wind, the copper and the cut make it possible for both tranquil and exciting events according to your wishes. We are on site at Sandhamn and cooperate with locals and nature. This way, the Sandham guides can take you to places in the archipelago that no one else has access to.

We do not affect the environment and leave no traces behind us in our activities. You get help all the way out to Sandhamn and home again. We help you with everything from the whole conference to your stay to individual activities and accommodation.

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Sandhamn, Sverige

Sandhamn, Sverige

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