Vånö Skärgårdsliv

Enjoy the archipelago even when there is snow and ice with Våno Skärgårdsliv.

If you love Stockholm’s Archipelago during the summer you will be amazed at the contrast with the silence and the calm during winter. We tailor your trip to your wishes.

Experience Trip

In less than 30 minutes you will travel from Björvik’s jetty on the island of Ingarö to the outermost archipelago. We can also pick you up in Saltsjöbaden ,Dalarö, Tyresö or somewhere else that we agree upon. You can also take a Waxholms boat to any of the docks on Nämdö and we will pick you up there.
We have no specific destination. You decide the time, ice conditions and weather determines our route. We stop at exciting places to wander on the ice and to enjoy the magnificent unspoiled nature. The target today may be where ice meets sea.
We can arrange picnic baskets or drive to any of the archipelago’s open-air taverns, conference centers and hotels for lunch, dinner, conference etc.

Hovercraft Taxis

We can pick you up and drive you to a specific destination. Perhaps you want to check on your summer house or you like cross-country skating want to quickly reach the best ice skating spots outside the main fairways.

Winter Birds
This tour takes you to places where it is possible to see the winter birds of the archipelago, such as vigil, cliffs, salskrak etc. There is a high chance you will see a magnificent sea eagle.

Winter paddling
Note! This is only for those who have a lot of experience in paddling and know what winter kayaking involves. In addition, you must be well equipped for this experience. We take you across the ice-covered fjords to open water where you can enjoy a unique trip in the ice-free archipelago nature in your kayak.

Welcome to Vånö Archipelago!

Vånö Skärgårdsliv – Archipelago Life

Vånö, Stockholm, Sweden

Vånö, Stockholm, Sweden

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