The Maritime History Trail is the collective name of three nature and cultural trails on the island of Djurö, which was opened in summer 2013. The paths have a total of 35 signs were established in cooperation with the Djurönäs Conference Hotel, Djurö, Möja and Nämdö residents and the municipality of Värmdö.

About the trails

Along the trails there are a total of 35 signs that tell you about the archipelago’s history, nature and culture. Jan Wahlman designed the signs whilst the accompanying texts and pictures were produced Katarina Schoerner Carr.

Eriksbergsskogens 11 signs tell the story of Djurhamns sword, the essence of the forest, trees and animals as well as an old stone-built path. There is also an extra sign, outside the path, that tells about the old port of war.

Klockaruddens 11 signs tell about the ship Riksvasa, about old-time maritime landscapes and waterways. You will also get acquainted with the ruins of two old villages.

Kyrkuddens 12 signs tell about the Chapel of Djurhamn and the role of religion in the past. You can also learn about early industries in the archipelago, navigation and a sunken lime stone wreck.

How to find the trails

The three parts of the Maritime History Trail are open for visits 24 hours a day throughout the year. Why not go on an adventure on one or all three of the trails!

Klockaruddens trail begins at the Djurönäs conference hotel. Available parking spaces are located adjacent to the hotel. The first sign is at the tunnel under Sollenkrokavägen. The path is suitable for both children’s pushchairs and wheelchairs. A couple of signs even suggest they way for modest climbing uphill.

Kyrkuddens trail begins at Djurö church, where you can park. Apart from a short stroll to the cemetery at the church square, the path is suitable for pushchairs and wheelchairs, although some parts of the path are gravelled.

Eriksbergsskogens trail begins at the road crossing Sörbyvägen / Eriksbergsvägen. Parking spaces are available at ICA or ‘Djurö Hund och Katt’ and at the Pizzeria. From here it is only a short walk to Eriksbergsskogen. The entire trail, apart from the last 3 signs is suitable for pushchairs and wheelchairs if you can refrain from getting up to the natural room. Outside the path, at Svinholmen, there is another sign. You can only there by foot.

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Sjöhistoriska stigen – Maritime History Trail

Djurö, Sweden

Djurö, Sweden

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