Nature and Bathing

spa in sandhamn

Värmdö has a lot to offer with a rich natural environment for you to enjoy. Composed of both the archipelago and mainland we have many beautiful places to bath in both the sea and lakes surrounded by unbelievable nature. With rocky coastline and sandy beaches, smooth granite shores and isolated lakes. There are plenty of choices when bathing in nature.

For example on the Mainland there is Björkviks havsbad in Ingarö where you can find your own smooth bit of rocky shore or sandy beach.

There is the popular Grisslinge Havs Bad beach and swimming in the sea. With beach volleyball and children’s play area, a cafe and restaurant, showers and toilets this is a great place for all ages, all day long!

There are so many other places besides these to discover!

Wherever you chose we hope that you have a great encounter with our environment! Visit to find all of our best wild strawberry locations.