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Nämdö, Sverige

Nämdö is one of Stockholm's archipelago's larger islands. Here you can travel by regular boat to several docks, all year round. Nice gravel roads, suitable...

idöborg stuga
Idoborg, Nämdö, Sweden

Welcome to Idöborgs Cabin Rental! Idöborg is an island 1.5 hours from Stockholm. We are open for conferences and courses from April - November and...

idöborg konferensrummet
Idoborg, Nämdö, Stockholm, Sverige

In "Villa Solnedgången" (sunset villa) you find a light and well-equipped meeting room with view to the north over the oak trees and oceans. On...

får på östanviks gård
Nämdö, Sweden

Östanvik Farm We welcome all groups from daycares and schools to committees and businesses. Explore our living archipelago farm with a tractor ride and specially arranged...

svävare och mycket is
Vånö, Stockholm, Sweden

Vånö Skärgårdsliv Enjoy the archipelago even when there is snow and ice with Våno Skärgårdsliv. If you love Stockholm’s Archipelago during the summer you will be amazed...

nämndö skärgård överblick träd och hav
Nämdö, Sverige

The Archipelago Museum's base on Nämdö in Sand Housed in the old school in Sand at Nämdö, the Archipelago Museum is open daily from the first...

nämdö church
Nämdö, Sweden

Until 2013, Nämdö Church had a simple harmonium. Through a locally funded campaign and many local work efforts, a used organ from the company Åkerman...

nämdö hembygdsgård
Nämdö, Sweden

Nämdö Hembygdsgård is a center for activity on the island of Nämdö. We have an impressive kitchen and open room that canbe organised in differnt...

nämdö kitchen and bar
Nämdö, Sweden

We are open all year round as a wonderful meeting place in the beautiful archipelago overlooking the water. We serve à la carte, today's lunch and...